Need An Energy Boost?

It’s that time of year again when there’s too much to do and the nights are at their longest, and there’s still a lot of winter ahead. Many of the people I talk to feel that they need more energy, and it affects everything so much when we feel constantly tired and then, when we are already tired and on top of that get an additional stress we will start to suffer from other symptoms such as headaches, back aches, insomnia, apathy, constipation – in fact whatever your body is susceptible to.

Think about what it is that has lead to your lack of energy. Are you getting enough sleep, water, healthy food, exercise, fun?  And, more importantly, how do you make a change which is going to help – especially when you have no energy and feel so lethargic?

Here are a few simple tips:
• First have a glass of water an hour before your breakfast – this boosts your mitochondria production
• Have a high protein breakfast – in fact, for all meals dump as much processed and sugary foods as you can and eat proper food (organic where possible)
• Exercise for at least 20 minutes – this stimulates your cells to work better
• Find at least 20 minutes per day to do something you really enjoy
• Get a good night’s sleep – and if you can’t do that right at the moment use the night hours to at least relax and not have artificial light on.

If you can follow these simple steps your organs and bodies will become stronger and more resistant to disease and your energy will be boosted. But – if you need more than that to lift you out of permanent tiredness, there is a chronic problem. It may be an outside influence such as having a sleepless baby, or shift work which is affecting you but for most of us it is our body’s way of saying ‘there’s a problem here, I can’t function properly!’ When all of your energy seems to be taken up just keeping up with basic life – and so you stop exercising, stop cooking nourishing meals, and have little fun….. then it’s a downward spiral to a more chronic problem.

Homeopathy looks at the cause of the disease. What is fascinating to so many people is that a homeopath will give the same remedy for eczema and for anxiety, and a sore throat can be healed by the same remedy that heals epilepsy. This is because we look for the remedy that heals the person, and the person then has no need for symptoms from the body to show that it’s struggling and the symptoms – whatever they are – can melt away. A well prescribed remedy will kick start your system’s own healing capabilities, which usually first improves your energy and sense of well being.

If you need an energy boost and the simple tips above aren’t helping, take time for yourself this busy Christmas season and consider homeopathy.