Living With Fibromyalgia

I’ve met some amazing people this week, in fact I doubt there are many other jobs in the world where you can meet so many interesting and diverse people and be able to talk to them in such depth.  People are amazing (and I know that’s not the first time I’ve said that!)

So, one of my patients, who I’ll call Mary came again this week after her first visit almost 6 weeks ago.  She is elderly and suffered from fibromyalgia, osteoporosis, IBS and asthma as well as many other little things she cheerfully put down to getting older.

“Well,” she told me, “I really didn’t think there was so much to all this holistic stuff.  I’m a bit miffed I’ve waited this long to find out!”

She told me of all the improvements she felt she’d made since taking the remedy:

  • The pain I feel in my bones and joints has gone from about 8/10 to 4/10
  • I can get a much better night’s sleep now because I don’t ache so much
  • I go shopping now and don’t need to come home and go to bed
  • I’m not nearly so nervous about being taken short whilst I’m out.  My bowels aren’t nearly as unpredictable.  I’d guess they’re about how they were, maybe 10 years ago
  • I’m starting to eat a few things I haven’t been able to eat for years – early days yet so I don’t know how that’s going to work out

Her asthma has been controlled by medication for years, and she is still taking that, so is unable to tell if there’s any improvement there – but we can work on that slowly and see if homeopathy can help there too.

Let’s look at fibromyalgia as that’s what has been helped so much here.  There is more than one way to use homeopathy for fibromyalgia.  Being a classical homeopath I looked for a remedy that suited Mary.  I took into account not only her physical symptoms, but how she experienced them (she rarely complained and pushed herself to the point of agony and was annoyed and frustrated at her limitations).  I looked at her fears, any bad traumas she’d had which had affected her as well as more physical things like food intolerances,  I listened for over an hour to what she felt was important to her.  And I gave her a remedy not especially known to help fibromyalgia, and yet it still obviously helped an enormous amount.

Very briefly, fibromyalgia consists of pains in the joints and muscles, also, often having extra sensitivities, poor sleep and low energy – and that is a very brief summary!  So, using homeopathy you can help yourself by looking at your own symptoms and matching them to a remedy.  This will be a less holistic method of treatment than the classical method which I used – but still can be very effective and a welcome change from pain killers.  Consider the following remedies and see if you can match your aches and pains (whatever your diagnosis) to one of these remedies:

  1. Rhus-tox.  Pain and stiffness is always worse when you first get moving and eases as you move about a bit.  Sometimes the pain makes you feel restless as you try to find a comfortable position.  Over-exertion or over-lifting often causes pain, you feel better if you move around gently and are in the warm.
  2. Arnica.  You feel as though your body is bruised – as if it’s been beaten.  Parts are extremely sensitive to touch, it’s uncomfortable in bed – as if you’re laying on a bruise.
  3. Bryonia.  Pain is much worse if you move, even slightly.  You might feel like holding the painful part to prevent jarring.  Pressure helps a bit, and pain might be worse on the right side.  The painful muscle could feel hard, you also may suffer from headache’s, fever, swelling and thirst.
  4. Ruta.  A lameness and weakness comes with Ruta, your spine and limbs might feel bruised and there’s often pain and stiffness in your hands and wrists.  Pain is often worse in cold wet weather and if you lay down.
  5. Bellis-perennis.  A real deep soreness with this remedy and often an intolerance to cold bathing.  Restlessness due to soreness and insomnia are often part of the picture too.
  6. Gelsemium.  You feel heavy, dull and lethargic, maybe even a bit trembly.  Pains are aching, with a loss of muscular power.  You feel worse in the damp weather and better after urinating.         

If you would like to find out how homeopathy could help you, give me a call on 01626 201107