Frequently Asked Questions

What will happen at the consultation?

Your first consultation lasts for around one and a half hours where you will tell me about yourself and your symptoms. Homeopathy recognises that good health comes from treating the mind and the body together, so equal importance is given to emotional, psychological and physical symptoms. The questions are not designed to be invasive but are trying to match a picture of you to the remedy that is most likely to help you. Homeopaths work to a strict code of ethics and all consultations are confidential. Registered members of The Society of Homeopaths are qualified and hold professional liability insurance.

When will I get a remedy?

After the consultation I may need to take a little time to carefully choose your remedy and in that case will send it to you by post within the next couple of days.

Will I need more treatment?

It is always best to have a second consultation around 4-6 weeks after the first one for a chronic problem so that we can assess your progress and consider further treatment if necessary. The second (and any subsequent sessions) usually lasts between 30 and 60 minutes. We will decide together what health goals you wish to achieve and we will work together to achieve them. Remember that the action of the remedy can continue for several weeks, or even months.

Can I claim homeopathic treatment from my private health insurance?

Many private health care insurances will cover the cost of treatment. Simply Health in particular is very good for this cover.

What about the medication I am currently taking from my doctor?

Most medication can be taken alongside homeopathy as the remedies are non-toxic, non-addictive and have no side effects. It would be helpful for me if you let me know of any medication you are currently taking.

What does the treatment cost?

Adults: The first consultation (1½ hours) £55
All subsequent consultations (30-60 minutes) £40
Children: The first consultation (1 hour) £35
All subsequent consultations (about½ hour) £25
All consultation fees include the remedy.
Home visits are available on request.
I am available to give talks to local groups interested in homeopathy, and to run night classes in basic homeopathy.
There is a 10% discount available to all who make an online request for treatment.
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How do I take the remedy?

You will receive a help sheet with your remedy with instructions and advice on what to expect. Homeopathic remedies usually come in pill form. They are tiny and should be placed under the tongue where they will dissolve. The remedies are fragile and so you should avoid handling them. Certain strong foods, substances and odours are thought to interfere or antidote the action of the remedy so you should avoid contact with these for 15-30 minutes before and after taking the remedy.